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Our offers:

  • Building finance (possible without equity)
  • Modernization loan (up to 20 years possible)
  • Personal loans (up to 10 years possible)
  • We will gladly calculate debt rescheduling of existing loans to determine whether you are profitable for debt rescheduling.
  • We also offer our expertise in building savings / Riester funding.
  • Bausparen/ & Wohnriester
  • capital accumulation benefits
We are 100% independent brokers, we give you the best deal from countless banks.

The best for you is our goal.

You always have the same contact person on site, for years, if you have any questions or requests, you don’t have to deal with new consultants all the time.

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Instant credit

The washing machine has given up the ghost, the car has to go to the workshop urgently, according to utility bills, a high additional payment is due: Sometimes there are expenses for which neither the account nor the household budget are prepared. Anyone who now believes that overdraft facility is the solution to all of their financial problems and is tempted to overdraw his account can end up costing just that. A much cheaper alternative that is in no way inferior to the overdraft in terms of speed is the instant loan.

Car loan

You have been thinking about buying a new car for a while, but your equity is currently not sufficient? In this case there is a car loan to finance your dream car. But how do I get an overview of the mass of different loans for financing? As a layperson, it is no wonder that it is difficult to keep track of this, because the number of apparently inexpensive car loans is extremely high. So what to do and how to get the best deal? 4 You Credit would like to answer these questions.

Real estate finance

Lay the foundation for tomorrow today

For most of us, buying a property is one of the most important goals in life. We help you to make this wish come true. Our real estate financing puts your planning on a firm foundation – whether you want to build, modernize, reschedule or buy.

Benefit from the currently extremely low interest rates and implement your real estate wishes quickly and with us.

  • Use the historically low interest rate level
  • Real estate as the key to your retirement savings
  • The “carefree package” for real estate as an investment
  • Low-interest funding programs with funds from KfW
  • Land
  • Prefabricated and extension houses (year of construction not before 1990)
  • One, two and multi-family houses
  • Condominiums
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Individual trade award
  • Terraced houses
  • Objects from foreclosures
  • Vacation properties on request
  • Wooden and log houses (year of construction not before 1990)
  • Credit documents
  • Land map
  • Building documents
  • Extract from the land register
  • Construction site information
  • Purchase contract
  • Photographs
  • Declaration of division
  • Reliability and attractive returns will continue to determine the high demand on the German housing market in the foreseeable future
  • 4 You Credit is your reliable specialist for private residential investments
  • Real estate prepared for capital investment in economically strong metropolitan areas
  • Professional “all-round carefree” advice for your real estate investment

Travel credit

Tour operators often offer vacation financing in installments. Everything is handled by one contact person. However, the comparison options are then missing. The interest is usually higher than with a bank loan and the conditions are not flexible. The first installment is usually due in the month after the trip. At a bank, these conditions can be agreed more flexibly – you will find several offers in the 4 You Credit, where rate breaks are possible.

Renovation loan

Most banks offer ordinary installment loans to finance modernization. Some offer as an alternative for customers who can prove ownership of a property, particularly favorable conditions under the name “modernization loan”, “renovation loan” or “housing loan”. For some of them, the bank’s borrower must also demonstrate that the loan is being used for modernization or housing purposes.